Monday, July 23, 2007

Array Properties

these are all used like this: arrayName.push("element");

pop() = This method removes the last item from an array
push() = The push method adds a series of values to the end of an existing array
shift() = removes a value from the beginning of array
unshift() = adds a value or series of values to the beginning of your array
concat() = merges two arrays together ... arrayOne.concat(arrayTwo);
slice() = can create array with certain elements of existing array
sort() = will sort an array (alphabetically by default)
reverse() = Reverses the direction of an array.
slice() = Extracts a section of an array and returns it as a new array.
toString = Returns a string value representing the elements in the Array object.

myArray = new Array(); //creates a new blank array

some links to help:
Adobe Array Help

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